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Every once in a while I stumble on a real gem.  Today I stumbled.  Just south of BCS HQ in the good town of Somerville Ma is sculpture Anne Lilly’s workshop.  Apparently there was a recent open house – I missed this unfortunately but through the miracle of Flickr, I found her work.  Check it out for yourself-I love machines, machinery and her attention to detail, craftsmanship and skill really hit a chord with my design sensibilities.  So simple, so elegant and man if they just don’t beat to their own tune.

Up above is a favorite (it’s tough-they all are my favorite).  Check out that play with negative space.  The form ever changing but has a consistent visual motion.  My hunch: RADNESS ABOUNDS.

Check it out for yourself:
Direct link to all of her video’s via vimeo:

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